• Maintenance

    Maintenance routine management done with liability and registered feedback



Throughout time, CCN Automação has been improving on the concept of maintenance,
aiming to increment changes that bring reliability and eficiency to the installations.

We understand that having a well-defined routine of processes is not enough to succeed.
Alongside it, we employ continuous technical knowledge, looking for the best performance
of the systems maintained.

To do so, CCN Automação relies on a vast field experience, disposing of a highly qualified
technical staff in the following systems:
  • Access control (use of modern technology readers and monitoring softwares)
  • Building utilities control – lighting, pumps, tanks etc. (made to improve energy savings)
  • Centralized vacuum system (dedusting system)
  • Corporate automation (blinders control, audio/video etc)
  • Fire detection and extinction systems
  • Comfort systems (air conditioning and precision air conditioning)

Beyond the routines created for Preventive Maintenance, we have the support of the
Development Department, where we apply engineering to optimize logical processes
with the purpose of energy savings and/or operational praticality.

The management of routines is done through the Maintenance, Operation and
Control Model (MOCM), applicable to the systems maintained.
For each system, we evaluate its real need and come up with the metrics
for the right prevention routines, such as:
  • Physical verification
  • Logic process
  • Instrumentation
  • Visual inspection
  • User management
  • Alarm management
  • Network management
  • Continuous operational training
  • Software and hardware updating

For the contracts that foresee Remote Monitoring Service, the maintenance is live,
which reduces analysis time for the corrections, if needed.
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