CCN Automação performed the retrofit of the automation system of the Cold Water Plant of Condomínio Empresarial Mourisco with a capacity of approximately 2000 TR. Based on the concept of higher performance and better energy efficiency, the installation included Hardware and Software from Automated Logic.

For the management of the CAG as a whole, a robust logical process was developed to supervise and control 05 Chillers, 06 Primary Cold Water Pumps, 06 Condensing Water Pumps, 03 Secondary Cold Water Pumps, 05 Cooling Towers, the rest being points of Chillers, Inverters and Multidimers integrated through serial communication interface, totaling approximately 800 points of supervision and control. Due to the local characteristics of the building and the client’s operations, the project had a very high degree of difficulty and in spite of that, it ran efficiently, determined an excellent installation for the Condominium.

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