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FCA – FIAT – Chrysler

CCN Automação supplied and installed the automation system for the FCA Energy Center’s Cold Water Plant with Daikin – McQuay centrifuges with a total capacity of approximately 10,000 TR using Automated Logic Hardware and Software.

CAG operates in the “primary only” system with the principle of a single ring, designed to vary the flow of chilled water and cooling water in the chillers.

The control of 09 centrifugal chillers, 09 variable primary chilled water pumps, 12 variable cooling water pumps and 12 cooling towers is made by 5 controllers with a capacity of 128 points each, integrating the points of the chillers and inverters through the interface of serial communication, totaling approximately 1650 points of supervision, control and 5-year history of information.

The implementation of the Automated Logic optimization system is in the final stage of startup, with an Optimizer trend analysis algorithm that causes variations in the chilled water and cooling water setpoints looking for the best work point with the least consumption.

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