• Automated
    air conditioning

    Be that critical mission of comfort, keep your business environment in the right climate while reducing costs of energy

    Automated<br />air conditioning

Automated air conditioning

The best technical staff allied with HVAC systems of 1 to more than 10,000 TRs, with or without critical mission
With a team originated within Springer Carrier itself and more than 20 years of experience 
in automation of air conditioning systems, CCN Automação implements control systems for 1 to more
than 10,000 TRs HVAC, with expertise in critical mission Data Center and multiprotocol systems
integration, of any great manufacturer in the market.

May it be an industrial or corporate building setting, attending to comfort or critical mission demands,
automation combines operational safety with cost reduction, thus meeting the environmental needs and
reaching for the best performance of the installation.

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to keep the physical operators to turn the equipments on and off and have
the temperature adjustments done. Imagine doing that in a 20-floor building!

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