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    The latest solutions to integrate several automated equipments. We are certified and work in partnership with AutomatedLogic in the lines LGR, MEx, SE, ME, Room Controllter and Web Control.


Room Controller Line

AutomatedLogic Room Controller has the control capability of a unprecedent large variety of HVAC equipments. Aestethically pleasant, the equipment may be mounted directly on interior walls and have local setpoint adjustment, hour table and override. Room Controller has a large LCD display and intuitive controls. Remote sensors may be easily connected via big dimension environment networks.

LGR Line

LGR is an extremely powerful router/gateway that connects hundreds of control modules in a single extension BACnet/IP. BACnet/IP, BACnet over ethernet, ARCnet 156, MS/TP and BACnet  PTP are supported standards. An extensive range of protocols, open and proprietary, allow LG to serve as gateway to other equipments by other manufacturers. Totally programmable, LGR can also run complex strategies of control to a high level integrated system.

Line MEx

MEx expansies series was created to attend the ME controller series and therefore to meet the most demanding applications for building and industrial controle. MEx expansies line can be assembled remotely or at the same ME controller panel.

SE Line

The powerful AutomatedLogic SE line presents a vast range of solutions to unique equipments. Created to operate in a vast range of environmental conditions, SE line may be used on roof tops, machine rooms, equipment shelves or any other place subjects to the weather.
Using EIKON graphic programming logic, SE line uses native BACnet communication over high speed 156Kbps ARCnet or a MS/TP network of medium speed to provide maximum flexibility and interoperability.

ME Line

ME controllers have the speed, processing power, memory and I/O to run the most demanding applications in the industry. Capable of controlling independent equipments simultaneously, Capacidade de controlar equipamentos independentes simultaneamente, these robust BACnet controllers support complex control strategies with abundant memory for trends and hour tables. RAM fed by battery and real-time clock make this the ideal controller for critical applications, where post energy failures and communication interruptions response abilities are crucial.

WebControl Line

AutomatedLogic WebCTRL is an automation system that offers an intuitive interface and powerful control resources. Your business may be accessed from anywhere in the world with a standard browser, eliminating the need of a special or dedicated software over the workstation. Via browser you may access all the functions of building management.

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