Remote operation

Every commercial building needs to assign manpower to monitor systems

Electric systems, demand control, fire detection and extinction systems, smoke detectors, air compressors, lighting, water, gas, air conditioners, no-breaks, generators, sprinklers, preaction systems and many other invaluable supervision tasks.

Did you know it is possible to accomplish these tasks remotely and without the need of a person stationed at the condominium to run them?

That’s right! CCN Automação is a services and sales company in the building automation business since 2002. Always connected to the newest technological tendencies, we offer efficient solutions to meet the needs of the most diverse projects presented by clients. We excel in deliver optmizations to areas such as:

  • access control – uso of modern technology readers and monitoring software;
  • building utilities control – lighting, pumps, tanks etc (made to aid energy saving)
  • centralized aspiration
  • corporate automation (blinders, audio, video etc)
  • fire detection and extinction systems
  • comfort systems (air conditioning and precision air conditioning)

What is good about investing in remote operation?

CCN Automação offers 27/4 remote monitoring, providing several benefits such as:

  • cost reductions on personnel;
  • operation safety;
  • precision management;
  • quick and efficient troubleshooting;
  • service quality.

How do you feel about investing in the operational control of your commercial building in a efficient highly professional way?

You can see how beneficial it is to opt for remote operational control, can’t you?

Nothing better than to invest in qualified professionals to assist in safe and efficient building monitoring.

Waste no time and get to know the remote operation service for commercial buildings by CCN.


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